"A Better Way" a book by JOHN BARROW, founder of A Better Way Ministries in Peachtree City, Georgia

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One of the loneliest, most painful places a man can find himself is in a cold, dark prison cell. It is a place very few ever intended to go. Young boys dream of growing up to be policemen, firemen, cowboys—anything but convicts or inmates. But, because some of us could not stay within the boundaries, we found ourselves in too deep. What started out as a little “fun and adventure” finished up being another painful experience. One more exciting start—one more  disastrous finish. But why? The question we keep asking ourselves is "why"?

“It is apparent to me that John Barrow has one goal in life and that is to help as many people as possible find freedom from the chains of addiction.  This man has done and seen it all.  John has been at the bottom and through the redemptive love of Jesus Christ has climbed his way out and achieved great success.  What a powerful testimony! This book needs to be in every jail and prison in this country.”
                    --NICKY CRUZ   of “The Cross and The Switchblade”, Author of “Run Baby Run”

"John's life story, as told in A Better Way, reads like a screen play written by the most creative writer in Hollywood!  I literally could not put the book down, captivated by the drama of the miraculous work of God's grace and radical transformation of John's life. A Better Way Ministries is helping to change the lives of so many young men, and will be the legacy of John’s life work and further testimony of what God can do for you too!"
                    --Dan T. Cathy   President of Chick-fil-A®